Meeting an old friend

long awaited updated (I got blog lazy). But not life lazy. It seems that the longer I am away from the blog the harder it is to come back. I am getting really lazy about blogging , I guess the 'new' has definitely worn off after blogging since June 2008. Well start from today I got to be productive.

So here's a new post. I always have a small circle of friends. It seems that as we get to know new people and settle down into friendship with them, time will take it course and wrestle us away from our comfortable zone , bringing us to meet other new people and preventing from ever seeing those old friends again.  Well that's what happened to us nowadays, you're not going to meet anyone from your command school after you've graduated.

Yet, if we make an effort to call for a meet up is always possible.  I haven't met one of my best buddy Peng in 2 years. He was always usy working and traveling. But we finally managed to meet up  recently for a quick lunch at Sushi Tei, Pavilion. And boy... It was a quick one indeed ! We can't really catch up because he's rushing off for a meeting. Even though It was a short meet , but I'm glad we did it. It's great to hear  his travelling experience in New Zealand =D.

I am looking forward to many more chit-chat session~

Peng decide to have lunch in Sushi Tei


Kids nowadays~

Sashimi Salad

Reuben enjoy his lunch =)

This is my bestie in coll Peng.

Gosh I miss my buddy~

this is one awesome cheese stick

Chocolate Rum Raisin

I'm wearing a silk collared dress with a baroque print. Baroque prints is usually something I consider for fall, But the great colors of these dress make them work now.


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3 Responses to Meeting an old friend

FatiN said...

loving that dress!

Anna Shahira said...

i really like your dress here. Where is it from? :)

Anna xx

Anonymous said...

hey what eyelash glue do u use? and what eyelashes so u use for daily wear? it looks very nice and natural! :)

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