Maxims Genting Premium Experience Part 2

Sorry for kept you guys waiting~ Hope you had a wonderful weekend =). Hmm I think I should continue my awesome trip to Genting. So here goes...where should I start ermmm OK!

After an overwhelming and heavy lunch I think it’s time for some walk. We thought why not visit the Strawberry farm since the Strawberry farm is a recent attraction in Gohtong Jaya. So we took a relaxing, scenic ride down to Gohtong Jaya on Skyway cable cars. The Awana and Genting Skyways provide breathtaking views of the surrounding hills at a comfortable speed that will get you down in no time at all.

Genting strawberry farm is 5 minutes drive from the Cable car station. It is a five-acre land that grows 100,000 juicy red strawberries. There are few key locations here, which are Strawberry Farm, Flower Farm, Organic Bean Sprout, Mushroom Farm and Strawberry Farmhouse Cafe. I can guarantee you this is a nice place for you to drop by because it is not just a strawberry park

Well, this is my first time riding in a cable car. I don’t even dare to look down...I just look straight the whole journey.

Some parts of the ride are SUPER high up from the woods.

Finally we are here!!!

waiting for our transport to strawberry farm...

Tadaa our transport has arrived! Super cute right =)

The Strawberry Leisure Farms is free entrance, you don't need to pay a single cent to visit this place.

They have super super lotsa isles!!!

One thing special about this farm is it allow self pick, which you can pick the strawberries direct from the strawberry's plant.

Look at these delicious looking strawberries~

Crime in action!

I asked Huai Bin to steal one for me too~ =)

The air here is extremely fresh, you will definitely feel refresh in your mind and body.

Lavender farm!

Morning glory!

Strawberry Farmhouse Cafe, The cafe is spacious, even the tables and chair also decorated as strawberries, cool right.

Mushroom farm~

The route was very well planned whereby you will have to walk every part of the farm before coming out the exit. There are a few shops selling souvenirs along the way~ This farm is highly recommended.  We Had lotsa fun time at the Strawberry Farm. We wanted to visit the orchid farm but there's not enough time to do everything, cause we are running out of time for dinner.

Head back to the hotel for dinner at The Olive.

The Olive is Located at the Lobby Floor of Maxims Hotel, this restaurant exudes a modern, arty design with a casual, welcoming feel in its 'olive' colours and warm lighting. Offering Continental cuisine served in a trendy yet elegant ambience, the food features a myriad of textures, flavours and styles in a blend of classical recipes with contemporary ingredients and taste.

The dining area, which comfortably accommodates up to 75 diners, also commands an open view of the kitchen

Our menu for tonight is...

I love finger food!

Have you heard of squid ink bread? Sounds gross huh...but it taste good!!! I find the black bread enticing. The squid ink gives the bread a faint extra saltiness, but otherwise, it tastes very much like regular bread. As soon as I break apart the other bread roll I can smell the delicious savoury aroma of caramelised onion. The French butter makes eating these bread rolls feel wonderfully decadent.

Bruschetta Pizzetta

semi-dried roma tomato, sauté mushrooms,boconcini cheese, basil pesto, olive oil & aged balsamic

Caesar Salad

baby romaine heart, focaccia croute, beef prosciutto, parmesan crisp quail egg, white anchovies dressing

Portobello Carpaccio

tartufo nero, shaved pecorino, grissini, aged balsamic, truffle oil soft herb salad

Chilean Sea Bass

mushroom ragout, wasabi, buttered asparagus, ponzu sauce

Wagyu Sirloin Mb: 8

Bred specifically for their intense fat marbling, Wagyu Beef  posses superior flavor and tenderness. I have never tasted any other steak that came even close to this! The flavors complement and do not overwhelm the natural taste of beef.

Lamb Rack

served with white bean cassoulet, braised artichoke, carrot puree, rosemary jus. This rack was grilled to a beautiful medium-rare, giving it a soft and silky texture. The meat had just enough lamb flavor to give it a unique taste without being overpowering.

Wagyu Tenderloin Mb: 8

Bred specifically for their intense fat marbling, Wagyu Beef posses superior flavor and tenderness

Brazilian Barbeque Chicken

served with crisp garden salad and black pepper sauce

Ready to choose our weapon

Hot Chocolate Ravioli

black cherry gelee, pistachio ice-cream, orange blossom pashmac

The Durian

King of Fruits ice-cream in caramalised meringue with fresh strawberries

Crème Brulee

rhubarb & blackcurrant compote, petite apple, almond biscotti, clove ice-cream

yummilicious Truffles~

You guys definitely have to taste the food HERE! It’s AWESOME! A definitely MUST TRY!

After the meal, we are invited to retreat to the Olive Bar Lounge which overlook the hotel footage. the Bar serves tapas, vintage wines, fine cigars, and a wide variety of hot and cold beverages; all with a strolling band to serenade the evening away.

(pictures)sipping wine~

Check out for a great fine dining experience at The Olive

We went back to our rooms at 10:30pm, showered and had a good rest.  I must say it’s such a wonderful stay.

Day 2

Buffet breakfast at Coffee Terrace!

Coffee terrace is one of the most popular dining outlets in Genting, very spacious with a seating capacity for 600 diners at any one time and inside looks as good as the variety of food displayed! Good ambience, and has sufficient courteous staff to serve at the kitchens and dining tables with a smile.

Its menu is truly extensive, You will Immediately be drawn to the six stunning open kitchen that houses its own specialized chefs, creating authentic and delectable dishes. The outlet serves sic distinct Asian and Western cuisines raging from Nyonya Baba, Local, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Japanese and Western Asian cuisine. One is really spoilt for choice!

Beside picking from the buffet line, you can request for your meal to be cook on the spot, right in front of your eyes. =)

(my breakfast)

This is what I took! I’m a happy ang moh breakfast person =)

After a delightful breakfast, it’s time to go back to the room and pack up.

For more information about Coffee Terrace click here

So we left Genting and I gave so many of my first time to Genting!!! Haha! My first cable car ride, My 1st time visiting strawberry farm, and my 1st fine dining experience, oh yeah and I did give it a try on all the durian dish eww~

I'm definitely going back to Genting!!! Missing the food and cooling weather too...

Bye Genting, see ya soon~ XO

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