Domino's Incredible Meal TV Commercial

Finally my Domino's Incredible Meal TV commercial is out! Now I can definitely blog about it. This commercial was shot in March and I never had a chance to see it. But I have some pictures with me =). Well as you know this is my second time working in front of the green screen, it's supposed to be very comical and fun commercial. I was chosen to be the featured talent for Domino's Incredible Meal commercial and I’m having so much FUN with the other talents during the making of the commercial, we became like a family. I really felt like an elder sis among the 3 other talents cause I'm the oldest. They find it hard to believe that I'm actually 25 years old this year =D. Looking young is a good thing sometimes~

Now feast your eyes on these pictures~ Here's the living room setting.

ready for make-up!

Make-up artist go cuckoo.

Wardrobe done!

Faiz, Darren, me and Ainon =). Yeap she's the same girl that worked with me on the Digi Super Reload TV commercial.

The client is not happy with the previous wardrobe, so here's another wardrobe =).


The sun is freaking heavy...but I can't show it on my face~

Ainon the party blower-whistle...and the three of us need to raise the cut out alphabets F-U-N.

Holding RM10 placards covering out face and POSE!

Darren the cutie pie~

Faiz the macho guy =)

All 4 of us~

The last scene...

This scene all 4 of us have to look hungry and rub our tummy =)

Getting my touch up~

Sitting like a boss =D

It's a WRAP!!! Yet another great experience!


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