simple is best

hey qwerty this is for you...thx for ya compliments!!!i don't really think i have a flawless skin but i'll let you know what i use.
i keep my skincare routine simple so that i don't overload my skin. I rotate the same products,changing them every 6 months,so that my skin doesn't get used to them. Previously i'm using ICS a Korea brand .Right now,i'm using Estee Lauder products i've been using Estee Lauder for a year cause i couldn't finish's the list of the products~
1.perfectly clean light lotion cleanser,Estee Lauder
2.idealist pore minimizing serum,Estee Lauder
3.hydra complete eye gel creme,Estee Lauder
4.oxy mask,Beauty Talk
Hydro Plus+super hydrating water essence,Cyber Colours
Always have a healthy obsession...i always wash my hand and face all the time.i always take my make-up off and i not sleep with ya make-up on =)

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