~Gone wild with colours~Bright colours are all over fashion.It have been on the scene for a while as part of the techno trend.I've always loved wearing bright colours because of the way they instantly make me feel more alive and confident.Bright colours usually seems to get the attention easily since in a way bright colours are attractive.The dress that i'm wearing is one of my new creation guess i'm selling it away soon~

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Michelle Ma Belle said...

phoa, you design clothes and sell em away? chanel to-be :P
what kinda clothes you design? put on your bloggiey ya :P

HunsBuns said...

babe, if you like colours you should read vivi magazine. its japanese and i didn't understand anything and i thought it'll be very ah lian with the kawaii stuff and not enough european fashion flair to it but they're quite indie, and might inspire you to dress up too!



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