Le Perfecto
i was going through my mom's closet the other day and guess what i found?a LEATHER JACKET!!!She said i can keep it if i want ~THX MOM!!!i bet my dad have a few leather jackets =)well he's a crazy biker dad~
The black leather jacket was a must in most Paris Fashion Week parties!But in Malaysia you can see no one is wearing it...i wish i'm in Paris~We all know that the black blazer should be in every woman's closet, but why not turn it up a notch and consider a black, leather jacket?A black leather jacket is always an essential.

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vivi said...

hey there sis ...saw u got ur cheery cardigan d huh..hehe..

u just simply look preety in every outfit..^^

.:Leeming:. said...

thx sis hehe~yea finally wei~so hard for me to get it~i cant wait to c ya curly hair~my mom said it looks great haha~

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