Yeap finally i saw myself on the truck =)was hanging out with my friends Sasa and Ji soon at Starbucks then i saw this big Watson's truck infront of Sunway Pyramid entrance weee~Sasa help me with the cam whoring part =)
thx to all my friends and family especially my mom and dad who support me all this while~
my lovely boyfriend sorry for being such a pain asking you to take me here and there for casting~
~remember you guys made my dream come true~


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6 Responses to

Mr.Wall said...


SIN said...

I saw your poster in shanghai leh~
no wonder i was thinking why this girl looks so familiar! is YOU!

.:Leeming:. said...

really u saw the poster in shanghai?

jas said...

omg..i am so happy for u!

Hoyi said...


SIN said...

yea.... all the watson stores!

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