Mad about plaid

Originally plaid was meant to distinguish different Scottish clans, each has their own awesome tartan, but since then it has morphed from London Punk, to the Teen Spirit of Nirvana and all things Grunge in the 90s, to now our latest celeb fashionistas. Somehow the simple classic plaid shirt manages to make a cute ensemble when paired with jeans and flats or can really make a "Wow" classy outfit if done with sophisticated accessories. But plaid isn't just gracing our favorite street style sites, but the runways as well. Ralph Lauren utilizes the pattern for a Paul Bunyan feel, that's both fun and fresh and only makes plaid a definite wardrobe staple for fall.Wear a basic plaid with high fashion trendy denim,which helps to tone down the trendiness of the jeans for a great effect.

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joann3loh said...

ming ming!!!very nice outfit!!!btw can u read my blogspot???

.:Leeming:. said...

thx so much darl~i cant read ya blogspot but i can read ya xanga =)

joann3loh said...

i invited u d..u see where and approve my invitation k???hehe

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