i have a dental appointment today,thought it will take a few hours but it's only 15 minutes hahaha.The good news is on the 8th of august i'll have my braces done weee~so while waiting for Xanthus i went to a nearby second hand magazine store and i spotted March Harper's Bazaar with Lindsay Lohan,and i've gotten a peek at how her superhero themed photoshoot turned out.Lindsay Lohan plays the mundane housewife doing her daily routines like laundry and buying groceries with a variety of superheroes.I'm Loving those vintage style =)

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anna said...

cool! really looks like pages from a magazine 20 yrs ago..haha.. check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/89927155@N00/sets/72157603394093203/ paparazzi shots! wow braces..*ouch.. u doing in mlk?

anna said...

oops sorry its

hehe =) btw loving ur blog posts!

.:Leeming:. said...

hihi anna thx ya for viewing and loving my blog posts =)no im not doin in mlk d =)found a orthodontist in KL =)

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