Estee Lauder Model Search 2008 finale

I'm late by a week!!!ok~anyway, on the 20th of july i was invited as a guest to Estee Lauder Model Search 2008 Finale at KLCC. I'm allowed to bring a friend so i decided to take my boyfriend with me...pity lil jo she's alone on the weekends and she's like a lil sis to me i can't just leave her alone at home,so i decided to bring her along hehe~ afterall she's in the semifinalist i don't think they would mind if i bring her in~true enough the lovely Jean Loh said ok =)thx ya Jean!!!we enjoyed the whole show.It was awesome and i'm happy to meet up the gals =)1 great day out for us!!!

p/s:if aaron's around it will be a great couple day out for us~and darl jo i think you deserve to be in the finals =)

cam whoring again haha
2007 finalist Aishah,Malini,me,Samantha and RobynaLovely jojo darlJoanne Yeoh 1 great violinist and i love her dress so muchSandra Yap Estee Lauder Sony most photo perfect
Carishiela Kujipers Estee Lauder Cleo-Cosmopolitan WinnerAll smiles**FIN*

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