A Smell That Brings Back A Memory

Blazer, U2 - Leopard print top, Baci - Belt, Baci - Tutu skirt, ThePopLook - Black pumps, Vincci.

Okok before i move in to the 3rd day of CNY...I'll tell you how i celebrated valentine's day and FD's achievements. Finally he got promoted!!! Congratulation!!! I'm really happy for you. Well we celebrated at tamarind springs restaurant. I totally love the food and the environment.
The interior was amazing and breathtaking. Thanks for the lovely dinner dear totally appreciate it =)

p/s: Wish you all the best in the future and thx for the lovely video it does brings back a lot of memories~

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3 Responses to A Smell That Brings Back A Memory

Cruel Angel said...


what promotioN?

Michelle . WeyChin said...

I. love. your. top.
so niceeee :)

.:Leeming:. said...

angel:im not the one got promoted =)

mich darl: hehe thx darl hugs~

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