Shop Till You Drop

This past week fleeew by and now it's February. I didn't get nearly enough done over the weekend. oh how i wish that there were more hours in each day, or that i didn't need to sleep, or even better... i wish i had secret powers to stop and start time.
YES!!! that is what i wish for.

Well Chinese New Year and valentine's day is 2 weeks away~ eek!!! I mean less than 2 weeks!!! I'm sure most of you girls been busy shopping for the festive season. I'm halfway done but still not satisfied haha. I got myself some pretty stuff from ThePopLook. You girls should really check them out. Oh YEAH!!! They just updated some great stuff. I wanted to get that checked shirt dress so badly but it's all sold out better be fast!

p/s: Guys you can actually shop ya valentine's gift here too...i'm sure ya girlfriends gonna love all those pretty dresses =)

Happy Shopping!!!

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