Denim Jacket

I personally love denim jacket alot right now,It's been much to my enjoyment seeing that the denim jacket is making a comeback in fashion.I usually think a denim jacket are pretty bad...But now it's quite appeals to me =)

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8 Responses to Denim Jacket

rysa said...

i think you're super gorgeous! omg.
im so voting for you okay :)

Jau Sang 012208 2222 said...

Me too!

Pepybomb said...

hey Ming, i love ur style!

keep it up :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Rysa & Jau Sang:thx alot totally appreciate much =)rysa you knoe what i think ur gawjuz too =)

meldarl:hehe thx babe...

joann3loh said...

i wanna buy the beanie cap thingy for so long d!but forever 21 kinda expensive leh!!!

~lilmz_J-lyn~ said...

hey..i agree..denim jackets always seems so bad..denim jacket can be a real tramp is match with the wrong style..but u rock it..
good luck wid MDG..!


Cute denim jacket (:

cat said...

hey, i'm just a random passerby.
love your pictures.

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