My very 1st Tattoo!!!

Haha gotcha!!! Dad I'm sure ya jaw just drop after reading that tittle haha~ Well I’ve always loved tattoos, ever since my dad got his 1st tattoo and most of my cousins have tattoos too.I wanted to get a lotus design so badly =). But my parents just wont allow me to do so...because modeling agencies try to dissuade their talents from body markings. For catalog and magazine work the customer often demands tattoos to be made invisible (by body make up, or post-shoot on the computer), and in the modeling industry, tattoos are still seen as ugly and unsightly serving only to take away attention from the clothes. Ok mom & dad you got a point there =).

I think tattoos can be amazing works of art. Unfortunately, many people like most of the time, get horrible ink-works just because they want to follow the herd, not because they are really aware of what permanent tattoos mean. In any case, tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream, and you can say it from the several tattooed models who walk the runway.nowadays, designers have also jumped the bandwagon, decorating the bodies of their models with temporary tattoos or body paint.

Chanel spring/summer 2010 collection was all about rolls in the hay, country life and seduction themes. Karl Lagerfeld decided to add a touch of exoticism to some of his models with some wonderful temporary tattoos on their legs, neck and cleavage.

The boss gone obsess about Chanel...see what she did!!! This is not temporary tattoo it's real!

Chains and pearls have always been among the most famous symbols of Chanel

temporary tattoos with the bird and strands of pearls draped around model’s collarbones and legs, it’s appeared on so many other items this season!

So planning to get one now?

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2 Responses to My very 1st Tattoo!!!

sherlyn said...

hey Ming, may i know how much is ur olympus cam? :p thxthx :p

Hayley said...

I always hope to get a real tatoo for myself, on my shoulder. too bad, my then bf and now my hubby, never allow me to do so. he thinks girl having a tatoo doesnt seems right. so, i could only keep on dreaming in my own world.. tsk tsk!

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